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On-line Services
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On-line Services

Internet Client-Bank

The "Internet Client-Bank" system for individuals is a system of remote banking services for individuals via the Internet in real time.

"Internet Client-Bank" for individuals provides access to all of the Customer's accounts opened at SDM-BANK: on demand, special accounts using bank cards, term deposits.

Subscription is free with the order of the first bank card. ID and password for the system is given together with a bank card. SDM-BANK allows Clients to use the “SDM-Televoice” telephone system.



With the intent to promptly assist you in emergency situations (lost or stolen credit card) SDM-BANK has developed a new technology: EMERGENCY LOCKING OF BANK CARD. To enable the emergency mode that blocks the card you need to call the Bank’s Call-Center (495) 705-90-90 or 8-800-200-02-23 and in touch-tone mode dial 4. A call-center operator will respond to your call immediately.

SDM-Televoice System is a software and hardware system that is based on a modern computer telephony and Internet. This system allows registered subscribers to get information about the accounts by calling (495) 745-51-82 during the day and night. SDM-Televoice System is a part of Online service “Internet Client-Bank” for individuals. Codes and passwords, login and account codes are the same.


Getting a speech reference in the SDM-Televoice System carried out in a dialogue mode between the subscriber and the system. In response to the prompt you enter the room of your section or additional information that the system asks you about your client code or date. When prompted, the system produces the required information or points to a mistake you enter data.

The structure of the selection of information in the SDM-Televoice System is built on the principle of embedded voice menu. Work with the system to select necessary menu items. To select a particular menu item, you must click on the button with the corresponding digit on your telephone set. Proof of entry is always done by pressing “#”.

We recommend you to start using the SDM-Televoice System with listening to a brief tips on working with the system. To do this you need to establish a connection with SDM-Televoice System. If necessary switch a telephone or fax machine in tone dialing mode.

With sufficient experience with the system you may not listen to the entire text, and immediately press the desired number.

In some modes of operation of the system you will need to enter additional information such as customer code, date, and account code. Where necessary, the system recalls that after entering the data press the “#”. If the system does not receive the command dial-tone within 20 seconds, it provides you press”*” to repeat the menu items. After waiting another 10 seconds and not getting dial tone, the system disconnects.


If you have technical problems in the process of working with SDM-Televoice System, please call us: 8-800-200-02-23 (free of charge – long-distance relationship with Russia), +7 495 491 0400, +7 495 745 2672, +7 495 620 9137.

Question :
I cannot log in "Internet Client-Bank" for individuals with computer my office computer. Why?
Question :
I am a card holder of your bank, but I have no code and password to use the system. How to get the new code and password?
Question :
What are the technical requirements for the operating system and software from my computer to use the system “Internet Client-Bank” for individuals?

CB SDM-BANK (JSC) is a licensee of the FSB of Russia (license number 6811 X 6812 F 6813 U of 06.03.2009) and carries out activities in the field of information security in accordance with Russian legislation.

To fulfill the requirements of the Bank of Russia, we are forced to ask for our Client’s contracts with their partners to clarify some terms.

For mutual convenience, when carrying out settlements for the following transactions, indicate the following information in the payment of settlement documents:

This way we need not bother Clients with requests for the relevant contracts.


According to information received from reliable sources, there has been a recent increase in illegal attempts to obtain personal information of users of remote bank services (hereinafter - RBS).