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SDM-Bank is ranked TOP 38 in 250 Best PR Managers in Financial Sector Rating

21.09.2015 media portal:

"Recent PR category nomination in 250 best financial sector managers sprang no surprises – best PR managers still represent largest banks, where Raiffeisenbank, Promsvyazbank and Alfa-bank are the leaders. The TOP-20 of the list includes only 2 non-TOP 50 banks assets-wise.

When developing the rating method we noticed the media hits bias in PR managers performance evaluation. The existing citation ratings prove the obvious correlation between the size of a bank and the number of media publications. «Sberbank CEO Herman Gref visited the forum…», «Russian Agricultural Bank and Gazprombank applied for state financing…» and so on, and so forth. Largest financial market players keep generating news hooks bypassing their media offices – just because of their size. And we took the liberty to adjust the method.

The online library conducted a specific research for quantifying media hits of 200 largest banks and 50 insurance companies in the leading printed and online media and news agencies (over 100 different sources) during July 1st 2014 – June 30th 2015. Companies under restructuring or with a minor retail business component, as well as companies with specific core businesses were taken off the list. The rest were ranked by media hits to business size ratio.

The final result showed a number specific qualities, most noteworthy of which is that some of the top positions in the list were represented by banks which were mostly referred to because of their problems. Most striking example – «Uralsib», which is ranked #8. On other hand, it would be fair to say that the more complicated the situation in the bank is, the harder it is for its PR manager to keep up a good job. Therefore we decided that reference context evaluation would not make much sense."

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