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SDM-Bank completes Internet-Bank integration with «My Business» Online Service


SDM-Bank announces the completion of its Internet Banking system integration with «My Business» Online Accounting Service, which is designed as a convenient platform for online accounting, HR, and tax reporting for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Now the customers that have an access to «My Business» service are facilitated with an easy way to keep their books and pay their taxes through making standard operations automated. For instance, tax computations and payment order generations only require a one-time entrance of company and account details, and online reporting configuration. Then account statements are automatically download to «My Business» system, which makes all the distributions by income or expense item. Based on the incoming data the system computes taxes and advances. All the user has to do is to generate a payment order (the system will provide all the relevant details and fill in the command fields), and to click it download into Internet-Bank.

«Small companies oftentimes can not afford to have an accountant on staff, and therefore experience some difficulties when conducting accounting and tax reporting. The new service is called to make this process easy for non-professionals, which helps our customers to better utilize available resources» - says Maxim Solntsev, SDM-Bank CEO.

«Internet Banking and Accounting service integration will help to open up new horizons to online banking users. For instance, it usually takes some time to manually book an account statement through making all the double-entry cash flow records, while now it is all only a matter of making sure the system enters all the numbers correctly. This option saves a sufficient amount of accounting operations time, which makes these solutions highly prospective» - says Maxim Yaremko, «My Business» CEO.