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Exclusive deposit "SDM-Universal".

“SDM-Universal” is the best way to manage your funds: you can withdraw up to the trigger balance amount without interest loss. 
                                                             Deposit conditions “SDM-Universal”: 
Minimum deposit amount
Interest payment
RUB 30.000, USD 1.000, EUR 1.000
at maturity
 Deposit period
181 days, 365 days, 546 days
Minimum amount of replenishment is RUB 3,000, USD 100, EUR 100.
Replenishment in not eligible when less then 60 days to maturity.
 Partial withdraw
 without interest loss
Till trigger balance amount, Deposit Trigger balance is 30,000 RUB/ USD 1.000/ EUR 1.000, which equals the minimum deposit. Trigger balance is established at the moment of the Deposit Agreement signing and cannot be changed when prolonged. Deposit balance can not be decreased lower then the Deposit Trigger balance.
 Automatic prolongation