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Mr. Ian Hague was elected to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Ian Hague, one of co-founders of Firebird and a lead manager of Firebird Fund, Firebird New Russia Fund, Firebird Republics Fund and Firebird Avrora Fund was elected to the Board of Directors at the shareholders meeting. Mr. Ian Hague represents OOO Servis, a holding company, which had completed the purchase of 10% of SDM-BANK shares at the beginning of 2006.
Shareholder approved Annual Report 2005, payment of dividends of RUB 6.5 for one share with RUB 50 (13% p.a. return on investments).
Shareholders approved the increase of authorized capital by RUB 100 million to RUB 302 million. It was resolved that the new issue of shares would be distributed among the existing shareholders in 2006.