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SDM-BANK is launching Internet BANK-CLIENT on-line service for personal customers.


SDM-BANK is launching Internet BANK-CLIENT on-line service for personal customers
SDM-BANK has started to connect personal customers to on-line service.
SDM-BANK developed long-distance banking service system for private clients and offered various channels for round the clock access to Bank’s accounts such as Internet access, telephone, SMS.
Using INTERNET BANK-CLIENT customers of SDM-BANK now can:
• get statements of accounts on real-time basis;
• control their account and plastic card balances, which are opened in SDM-BANK, and to look through their personal information;
• open deposit account and order plastic cards and subscribe for fringe services;
• make book transfers (including purchase or sale of currency);
• pay for services of 16 mobile providers, commercial television, three large Internet prividers;
• pay for public utilities and communal services, (using united information-computing center pay slips),  electricity (Mosenergo bills),  local telephone (MGTS bills), interurban and international telephony (Rostelecom bills).

Money is transferred for 3 second through the system. All operations are made on real time mode. Account statements show balances as of the date of inquiry. It gives opportunity to make transaction immediately and to control transfer of funds. New system is simple, easy-to-use and it is not necessary to have special computer skills. SDM-BANK’s clients enter the system free in Moscow and in all regions where branches of SDM-BANK are located.

“It is very important for us to offer fast and simple access to banking products and services. It is possible to make a lot of operations though ATMs and terminals, but the new system is more functional and flexible. It is available everywhere, if there is Internet access, - at office, at home, on rest or on business.” – Mr. Vladimir Lutsenko, Deputy Chief Executive, said.