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SDM-BANK reports 40% increase in number of issued plastic cards.


In the second quarter of 2007 SDM-BANK increased the volume of credit card issue to 40% in comparison with the similar index of July 1, 2006. As of July 1, 2007 the number of cards emitted by the Bank is more then 90,000. The number of ATMs was 113.
Most of SDM-BANK plastic cards were issued in connection with the salary projects. Those, who get the salary on SDM-BANK cards, may use different credit products, including overdraft. Besides, in the second quarter of 2007 special mortgage programs for employers of business clients of the bank started. Simpler approval procedures, as well as reduced commissions are offered by the program. It is possible to replenish the account through SDM-BANK Plat-Forma terminals. There are 328 of terminals nowadays.