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Real estate agency MIAN and SDM-BANK offer new favorable terms for mortgage.

Real Estate Agency MIAN and SDM-BANK offer new favorable terms for receiving mortgage.
A new joint program of Real Estate Agency MIAN and SDM-BANK was launched on May 21, 2007. It is called “Mortgage without savings – all inclusive”. Bonuses and favorable terms offered by the program make the receiving of a loan for apartment purchase easier and will save the customer’s time and money.
The program is designed for customers who are selling an old apartment and buying a new one. The program does not require giving a guarantee deposit or paying for an apartment evaluation and realtors commission and even insurance. All theses expenses are included to the monthly mortgage charges. While searching for the apartment the customer can just evaluate what monthly payment to the bank he or she can afford.
Elena Barmina, MIAN branches network director, thinks that an inclusive offer will be in great demand. All the expenses that a person buying an apartment has to pay immediately to close the deal are spread now to the whole period of mortgage loan. There is no need for the customer to save money or to receive an extra loan in order to pay realtor’s commissions or for a guarantee deposit or to buy insurance policy. In addition the customer may receive special bonuses and discounts both from MIAN and SDM-BANK.
Mr. Dmitry Osipov, SDM-BANK Deputy Chief Executive, stated: “We are sure that this product will be popular because it is simple and convenient. The mortgage loan is extended in an amount to cover the difference between the prices of an old and a new apartment. The interest rate is 0.5% lower; the term of the loan is 25 years. The customers will receive realtor’s and banking services in one package. At present this joint offer is unique in the market place”.
MIAN will present to each customer a bonus certificate for free services of a consulting company to prepare a tax declaration for property deduction. The certificate also gives discounts for MIAN services for total amount of USD10,000.00.