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On-line Services
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On-line Services

Система Интернет-Клиент
Internet-Client System
Internet-Client System is specifically designed for those customers who want to perform all kinds of banking operations online, and to have a real-time-mode control over all bank accounts from any part of the world.
Система Банк-Клиент
Bank-Client System
Bank-Client System can be used without Internet access: dial-up access through regular phone line is used to connect to the Bank. Bank-Client system can use both modem and internet connection.
Система СДМ-Телебанк
SDM-Televoice System
SDM-Televoice is a business information support system, which facilitates access to bank account statements in the real time mode.
Рекомендации Банка по безопасности


CB SDM-BANK (JSC) is a licensee of the FSB of Russia (license number 6811 X 6812 F 6813 U of 06.03.2009) and carries out activities in the field of information security in accordance with Russian legislation.

To fulfill the requirements of the Bank of Russia, we are forced to ask for our Client’s contracts with their partners to clarify some terms.

For mutual convenience, when carrying out settlements for the following transactions, indicate the following information in the payment of settlement documents:

This way we need not bother Clients with requests for the relevant contracts.


According to information received from reliable sources, there has been a recent increase in illegal attempts to obtain personal information of users of remote bank services (hereinafter - RBS).

SDM-BANK offers 24/7 Client-Bank and Internet-Client services. Remote banking services (RBS) proposed by SDM-Bank are a rapid and reliable tool for banking operations. The use of RBS enables customers to significantly improve the efficiency of interaction with the Bank, to reduce time and cost.



SDM-BANK’s RBS systems meet the most stringent safety requirements: actions on the side of the Client and the Bank are logged, all data exchanged between clients and the Bank are encrypted. To ensure complete confidentiality of information transmitted in the systems RBS SDM-Bank uses modern means of cryptographic protection of information of high reliability - “Crypto Pro” certified by the FSB.

On April 5, 2010 the new media key for digital signatures, Electronic Certified USB-key eToken PRO, was implemented. eToken PRO is designed specifically for secure storage of digital signature private keys, providing a higher level of security, confirmed by many international safety certificates, in particular: ITSEC Level E4, FIPS 140-1-Level 2,3. The digital signature of a private key is stored in a closed device, and cannot be removed from it.

Using the PIN-code device achieves a strict two-factor authentication of users, which makes eToken PRO keys safe to use for remote banking services.

To date, there are no reported cases of unauthorized access to RBS systems using eToken on the remote service market.