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Bank Guarantees

Bank Guarantees


Bank Guarantees enable our Corporate Clients to receive trade credit, advance delivery of commodity/raw materials products; participate in tenders and commence advance production work.

A Bank Guarantee is a cost efficient instrument with a material interest cost advantage over bank loans. Using a Bank Guarantee for certain projects is more efficient than using a bank loan, as it improves the Corporate Client’s capital resource management and funding costs.

Our Corporate Clients who require frequent use of Bank Guarantees are invited to set up a Bank Guarantee line that will enable the Client to receive a Bank Guarantee within 1-2 days.

SDM-Bank is pleased to offer the following Bank Guarantees:

In case SDM-Bank is required to satisfy our Client’s Bank Guarantee obligations to our Client’s counterparties, the Client must compensate SDM-Bank for incurred costs.


SDM-Bank-approved credit collateral should carry appropriate insurance policies acceptable to the Bank. Corporate or Individual Surety may also serve as acceptable collateral.