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Corporate Lending

Revolving Credit and Overdraft Facilities
Loan Facilities and Overdrafts
Revolving Credit and Overdraft Services enable our Corporate Clients to bridge-finance short-and medium-term corporate financing deficit.
Project Finance
Capital Finance
SDM-Bank supports our Corporate Client’s corporate development projects aimed at expanding services/production, modernizing facilities, expanding capacity, and/or purchasing new equipment.
Bank Guarantees
Bank Guarantees
SDM-Bank offers Bank Guarantees across a range of Corporate activities such as Tender Guarantees, Advance Payment Guarantees, and Performance bonds. SDM-Bank recommends the Clients to sign a Bank Guarantees framework agreement with the Bank to enable efficient and fast service. .
Factoring (Receivables Finance)
Factoring enables our Corporate Clients to effectively finance Accounts Receivables. Factoring is an efficient, fast and effective corporate credit product.
SDM-Bank’s Leasing solutions enable our Corporate Clients to use the equipment in exchange for rental payments. A key advantage of Leasing over ownership is in the accelerated amortization schedule.
Depending on the structure, at the end of the lease period, the lease can be renewed, or the equipment returned or purchased at fair market value.
Trade Finance
Trade Finance
SDM-Bank supports our Corporate Client’s trade activities through Trade Finance products that facilitate export and import transactions. We have an extensive relationship network with domestic and international financial institutions to provide best-in-class Trade Finance solutions.