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On-line Services
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Cash and Settlement Services

Extended Banking Hours
Extended Business Day
Distant Banking
Operations through any office of the Bank in town
Payment order processing technology (bar code)
Cash office arrangement at customer's premises

We offer our Corporate Clients a broad and comprehensive range of Cash Management services and Business Accounts in Russian Rubles and foreign currencies.

Money Transfers
(Rubles, CIS and International Currencies)

We execute money transfers and settlements in all major international and CIS currencies.

We work with Russia-wide telegraph and postal orders via the RCC system.

We execute calculations within the interregional system of electronic payments.

Letters of Credit and Transaction Advisory Services

We issue Letters of Credit (L/C) in Russian Rubles and Foreign currencies.

Our Transaction Advisory Service offers execution and transaction structuring advice that includes an analysis of market conditions, references currency selection for contracts and other transactional matters.

Out Transaction Advisory Service enables our Clients to minimize risks and costs associated with Foreign Trade transactions.

Foreign Exchange Operations

SDM-Bank executes, on behalf of its Clients, buying and selling of Foreign Currency on the MICEX.

We also provide Foreign Exchange at the prevailing Commercial Banking rates.

Cash Management Services

Our clients are able to receive cash funds in Rubles and Foreign currencies.

SDM-Bank offers a Collection & Delivery service for Clients' cash operations.

We offer check collection/cashing and full et of operations with Travelers Checks.

Other services Currency Controls
Business Credit and Debit cards



SDM-Bank’s Clients are able to conduct transactions in Russian rubles at any branch of the Bank.

SDM-Bank accepts most types of telecommunications (TELEX, SWIFT, "Account management via the Internet", "Client-Bank", etc.).


Our Clients can send relevant Documents to the Bank using the Internet via “Account management via the Internet” and “Bank-Client” systems.


Service in the operational subdivision of the bank is from 9-30 to 16-00.
Service through the on-line banking systems is from 9-00 to 16-30.

During the standard banking hours clients are provided with a full range accounting-and-cash services operations.


Service in the operational subdivision of the bank is from 16-00 to 19-00.
Service through the on-line banking systems is from 16-30 to 19-00.

During the additional operational time Clients will be provided with the following services in RUR:


In addition to your bank account, office services in Russian roubles can be received at any of our offices in Moscow.

If you have any questions, please, contact the Operational Department by phone:
+7 (495) 705 90 89


Account Opening Documents Forms and Applications Foreign Exchange and Currency Control
Foreign Exchange control and regulation
Cash Collection
Cash collection
Cash delivery
Cashier escort
Money Transfers
Cash acceptance and advance
Foreign exchange purchase/sale
BAR-CODE Software
Time saving
Mistake control
Cost efficiency
For more details on installation and technical support please call: +7 495 745-2672, +7 495 491-0400