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How It Works
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How It Works


Transfer of payments in PLAT-FORMA is performed by SDM-BANK, which guarantees reliability and speed of transactions.

Transaction of all payments in PLAT-FORMA is engaged by SDM-Bank, which is why remittances are 100% protected and are executed very fast.


The process of payment is as simple and convenient as possible. PLAT-FORMA Terminals are located in convenient places and work at a convenient time for customers.

Calculations (within 1 day), receiving funds and collection of funds of PLAT-FORMA network is performed by SDM-BANK, which guarantees the shortest time required for payment.

Tangible benefits of the PLAT-FORMA network is that the terminals can give change when receiving cash and accept credit cards, which is important for attracting customers of our partners.

There is a wide range of services available for payments.

We offer providers of IP-telephony, Internet services, payment systems, satellite television

Partnership Program for Companies

SDM-BANK allows people to pay you for services through "Plat-forma" terminals.

Organizing the reception of these payments in a network of out terminals will offer you the following advantages:

Reception of payments from your clients will be possible at any "Plat-forma" terminal located in Moscow, and other regions of our presence in Russia.

This service gives the following advantages for payers:

A distinctive feature of the "Plat-form" system is the possibility of receiving change with the receipt which is printed by the terminal. This money can be cashed in any branch of «SDM-BANK", or used to make any other payments. The period of validity of the check is equal to 6 months from the moment of its reception. The receipt is supplied with a unique number, and an identification bar-code. If necessary, the check can be personalized, i.e. any necessary personal data of the payer can be printed on it. Moreover, having filled all the necessary requisites of payment once, the payer can use the receipt for automatic filling of the requisites when making similar payments. It is as easy as inserting the receipt, even with an expired period of validity, into the bill slot of the terminal. We are prepared to give you a register of payments in a format ready for the further automatic processing, which you will receive with the frequency you desire. As SDM-BANK already has experience of similar cooperation, we are ready to offer sample payment registration forms and checks received by payers already made by us for your consideration.

Partnership Program for Banks

You need to sign a contract with “SDM-Bank” to use this program.


The "Plat-forma" payment system is a system of terminalsthat allows clients of the bank to put cash into their current account, credit and depositary.

Calculations in the "Plat-forma" system are carried out through SDM-BANK which guarantees safety of transfers and high reliability of the system.

Advantages of reception the payments through a system of terminals "Plat-forma" to the banks-partners:

The quantity of terminals provides clients of the bank with a maximum comfort making a credit repayment, a cash deposit or other operations.

The bank-partner can avoid setting up their own system of terminals. This substantially lowers the risks in an operating with cash.

All calculations in the "Plat-forma" system are carried out by SDM-BANK, which guarantees safety of remittances and the maximum speed of cash movement no longer than 24 hours.

"Plat-forma" system terminals are capable of giving out change, and are equipped with bank card readers.

A personalized service scheme is applied to the system. It is based on the client's previous interactions with the system.

It is necessary to choose the technological and financial extent of interaction before cooperation in this manner:


First, it is necessary to choose the method by which the system will identify the payer:

All terminals are equipped by card readers, therefore the bank-partner's plastic card can be used as an ID.

It is required to choose an information mode for transactions data exchange.

The default connection mode is off-line. In this mode the information arrives to the bank once a day.

The "Plat-forma" system is capable of working in on-line mode. In this case, the information on payments arrives in real time.


For using the "Plat-forma" system services a percentage is charged from each transaction. The percentage is paid by the client of the bank, the partner bank, or both the client and the partner bank.

The "Plat-forma" system requires 24 hours to perform a transaction.

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As the consumer service market is growing, the majority of people face a great deal of exposure to transaction and payment convenience and efficiency problems.

PLAT-FORMA terminal system is designed to make the payment process convenient, error-free, and extremely simple, and has a very user-friendly interface. The range of services that can be paid for through PLAT-FORMA terminals is extremely wide, and includes transfers by both individuals (payments for utilities, tuition, internet, etc.) and businesses (cash collection).

PLAT-FORMA system provides highly secure and high-speed payment options, both in cash and wired, in one place.